ISO 9001:2008
Modern means of measuring equipment

    Вибрационный сигнализатор уровня жидкостей для работы в самых сложных технологических условиях.

    Температура от минус 196 до плюс 450 °C
    Давление от минус 1 до 160 бар


    Семейство электронных штангенциркулей TESA TWIN-CAL IP67.

  • ASA Rotameters and Flowmeters
    ASA Rotameters and Flowmeters

    Italian metal rotameters and electromagnetic flowmeters for measuring and recording the flow of liquids and gases

  • Sale KODA HITS 2020
    Sale KODA HITS 2020

    KODA presents the traditional sale KODA HITS 2020. It is valid within the framework of stock. Discounts on warehouse items up to 50%.

  • State compensation
    State compensation

    The state compensate 25-40% of the cost of the KODA weighbridges

  • Coordinate measuring machines Hexagon DEA
    Coordinate measuring machines Hexagon DEA

    The DEA Global family of coordinate measuring machines is the best solution for fast and high-precision control.

  • 3D scanning and reverse engineering services
    3D scanning and reverse engineering services

    We offer high-precision 3D-scanning services for objects of various sizes and shapes. We can scan both at our office and at the customer’s site. Scanning accuracy depends on the needs of the customer and the equipment we use.

Industry solutions 


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