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The new line of medical scales CERTUS® Medical

22 December 2017

Medical scales CERTUS® Medical are represented by four models - СММ, СММр, СМВ, СМВр.

The scales are delivered with verification (with two metrological certificates) and with a medical certificate.

Medical personal scales CMM are designed for weighing people in medical institutions, sports clubs, sanatoriums, at home.

Medical scales CMB are designed for weighing newborns, infants, children in medical institutions of the pediatric profile, in the manger and kindergartens.

Each model comes in two versions - with a height meter and without a height meter.

CERTUS® Medical scales meet all the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine to the measurement equipment used in medical practice:

1.      The scales are intended for use in the sphere of legally regulated metrology. The scales successfully passed the testing and certification in Ukraine for compliance with state standards DSTU EN 45501, DSTU GOST OIML R 76-1 and technical regulations for non-automatic weighing devices in the certification and conformity assessment Metrology NSC "Institute of Metrology".

2. The scales were evaluated for compliance with the Technical Regulations of Medical Devices in the certification and conformity assessment body of the State Enterprise "Kharkivstandardmetrology" and allowed for official use in medical institutions. Medical electronic scales CERTUS® Medical are I class products with measurement function.

CERTUS® Medical scales are serially manufactured by TScale Electronics Mfg. (Kunshan) Co. since 2012. In addition to Ukrainian certificates, the scales are internationally recognized and imported to Germany, USA, Thailand, Australia, Philippines, and Peru.

To get acquainted with the detailed characteristics of the scales, you can follow the links:

1. Personal scales with height meter СММр.

2. Personal scale without height meter СММ.

3. Scales for newborns with height meter СМВр.

4. Scales for newborns without height meter СМВ.


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