ISO 9001:2008
Modern means of measuring equipment

Weighing Indicator DD700

Bilanciai (Italy)

Weighing terminal DD700
Weighing terminal DD700

The new generation of weighing indicator combines the advantages of the D400 with reliability, precision, ease of use with a number of innovations that first appeared in BILANCIAI´s budget series. In particular, the possibilities of self-diagnostics and diagnostics of the entire system have been significantly expanded, a number of industrial interfaces for communication with the PC (Profibus) have been added, an optional WiFi access point can optionally be added, user databases (customers, goods, cars and ect.) For convenience of entering information, a USB keyboard can be connected to the device. The function of custom shortcut buttons and user messages is added.


  • graphic display 135x32 mm;
  • RS232 serial port;
  • configurable RS232 / RS422 / RS485 / CL 0-20 mA port;
  • 1 USB input + 1 USB output;
  • 2 input and 2 output programmable contacts;
  • power supply 112-240 V, 50-60 Hz;
  • 18-key alphanumeric keyboard;
  • built-in clock and calendar;
  • ability to work with 12 analog or digital load cells.


  • analog outputs 0-10 VCD and 4-20 mA;
  • Profibus;
  • Ethernet TCP / IP;
  • WiFi card;
  • 4 optically-isolated inputs and 4 outputs.

Provides full security of storage and data transfer.

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