ISO 9001:2008
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Level sensor VEGAPULS 62

VEGA (Germany)

Radar level sensors Level sensor VEGAPULS 62

VEGAPULS 62 radar level sensor is a universal device for continuous level measurement of liquids. It is suitable for level measurement in capacities and reactors even in a difficult process conditions. Various options of the antennas and contacting materials. Wide range of operating temperatures and pressures makes VEGAPULS 62 an optimal solution for almost all applications and processes.

  • Application: process capacities and reservoirs with a difficult working conditions
  • Measuring range: up to 35 m
  • Process fitting: threaded or flanged
  • Process temperature: -196…+450 ° C
  • Process pressure: -1…+160 bar (-100…+16 000 kPa)
  • Measuring precision : ± 2 mm
    1. Threaded version
    2. Threaded version with temperature adapter +250 °C
    3. Flanged version

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