ISO 9001:2008
Modern means of measuring equipment

3D laser scanners RFS-3D

Рифтэк (Belarus)
UA Ltd. "KODA" company is the exclusive representative of the company Riftek in the territory of Ukraine.

3D laser scanner is designed for non-contact scanning of products in order to obtain their three-dimensional computer model.

Design and operating principle
The scanner contains a base for placing the scanned object. On the basis of the system of linear displacement (coordinate X of the spatial coordinate system) is located. The moving system includes a guide, a ball screw, connected to a stepper motor and end sensors. On the guide there is a portal with a linear guide, carriage, ball-screw pair, stepper motor and end sensors (coordinate Y). On the carriage there is a laser sensor measuring the distance to the object surface in the direction of the Z coordinate. The system is controlled from the PC. In scanning mode, the laser sensor moves over the product, forming a digitized model of the object, which is stored as a point cloud with known spatial coordinates X-Y-Z, in conventional STL or DXF formats.

The scanner includes a specialized program. The software provides:
  • control of movement, including setting the scan area, setting the sampling step in X and Y coordinates, automatically outputting the system to the origin, manual control of movement, automatic scanning according to the specified algorithm;
  • parametrization of the laser sensor, including adjustment of the smoothing filter and filtering of measurement errors, adjustment of the radiation intensity;
  • receive data from the laser sensor;
  • median filtering and smoothening of results;
  • testing the system;
  • formation of the STL file, DXF.
Supply kit
The standard scope of delivery includes:
  • Scanning module;
  • Software;
  • Passport with a calibration characteristic.
Specifications for 3D scanners RFS-3D
Name Value
Scanning range, Х, mm up to 500 (by order)
Scanning range, Y, mm up to 500 (by order)
Range, Z, mm 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 (by order)
Resolution, X,Y, mkm up to 0,025
Resolution, Z, mm 0,01% from process range Z
Nonlinearity, X,Y, mm ± 0,05
Nonlinearity, Z, mm ± 0,1% from process range
Maximum speed, dots/s 8000
Laser type, class 3 mW, wavelength 660nm, 3R
Output interface USB2.0
Supply voltage, V 220
Power consumption, W 25

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