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New - VEGAPULS 64!

17 April 2017

VEGAPULS 64, the world´s first radar liquid level sensor operating at 80 GHz, has launched a new era in radar measurement technology.With VEGAPULS 64 the environments with poor reflective properties, i.e. low dielectric constant, can now be measured significantly better than with previous radar sensors. Moreover, now it has become possible to use a more compact antenna. For today VEGAPULS 64 has process fittings with an antenna diameter of only ¾ inch. The new technology allows to measure the level very close to the bottom of the tank. This technology opens up prospects for measuring the level in small containers used in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries. The measurement accuracy is +/- 2 mm, even in the measuring range of 30 m.


    ПО для учета на весовых дозаторах и парках емкостей

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