ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Pressure switch type PSD-30

WIKA (Germany)

Rugged led display with character height at 9mm (the maximum possible) with a slight slope and with a cold, well visible from afar digits. Were applied to 14-segment display for a good perception of textual and symbolic information.

Pressure switch PSD-30 has 3-button controls, making menu navigation simple and intuitive. The menu navigation conforms to the latest VDMA standard. The VDMA standard for fluid sensors (24574-1, part 1 - pressure switches) has the aim of simplifying the use of pressure switches electronic and standardize the navigation menu.

Pressure switch type PSD-30
Pressure switch type PSD-30

Description and specifications:

Parameter Value
Measuring range 0...1 to 0...600 bar, 0...1 to 0...25 bar abs, -1...0 to -1...24 bar
Error, % 1,0
Output signal 2 contacts (PNP), 1 contact (PNP) + 4…20 мА
Power, V 10...30
Material of parts which are in contact with measured environment stainless steel
Process fitting G ¼ А (DIN 3852-Е)
Protection class IP 65 and IP 67
Temperature of measured environment, °С -20...+85
Data sheet РЕ 81.67

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