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Weighing terminal KODA V for multicomponent dosing

КОДА (Ukraine)

Weighing terminal KODA V
Weighing terminal KODA V

Multicomponent dosing weighing terminal is used in weight systems if you need to control automatically the process of the preparation of mixtures with several components by weighing.
Purpose: The weighing terminal is designed for dosing up to 6 components. Memory can be programmed up to 9 different recipes of mixtures. For each of them it can be written its own dosing algorithm. Terminal KV receives data from 8 external sensors and performs certain actions in accordance with the program. The terminal has 12 relay outputs. There are contacts in each relay output, which connect or disconnect in accordance with the selected dosing mode. At a zero value the relay channel turns off. In other modes, the initial state of relay outputs selected by the user according to the tasks. The operator can independently write a program for dosing, which will be based on needed tasks, and reconfigurate for different process. KV terminal keeps records of the weighted product and its components. KV terminal has the ability to transfer data to the PC or controller via interfaces RS232, RS485, analog output 4-20 mA, 0-10 V.

Body is made of stainless steel; installation of the metering terminal is possible into the control cabinet or on the table.
  • dimensions: 160(W) × 110(H) × 35(D) mm.
  • weight: 1 kg.
  • housing degree of protection for the front panel IP54.
  • LCD display

    Basic parameters of KV weight metering terminal

    • The ability to connect up to 8 sensors.
    • Installing two ranges of weighing with its division value for each range.
    • Summation of the weighing results.
    • Fixing the maximum weight.
    • Determination the number of objects of the same weight (counting mode).
    • Printing labels with the date, time, shipping code.
    • Management of the multicomponent dispenser, mixer, flow meter.
    • Monitiring the status of the external sensors.
    • Number of recipes - 1…9.
    • Number of components - 1…6.
    • Overdose correction.
    • Eight output control signals.
    • Eight control inputs.
    • Number of steps in the dosing cycle -1…32.
    • Counting dispensing cycles.
    • Clock with battery.
    • Backlight on/off.
    • Connection to the computer or controller via RS232, RS485 (you can connect multiple devices with a total cable length of up to 1 km).
    • Dispenser management via external signals or computer.
    • Resolution 10000 discrete.
    • Power supply DC voltage 12-24 V.

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