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Inter-distance meter

Рифтэк (Belarus)

Inter-distance  meter  ИМР series
Inter-distance meter ИМР series

The device is designed to measure the inter-distance of wheel sets of railway rolling stock (locomotives, wagons, metro, trams), carry out admission control and sorting during their maintenance, inspection and repair.

How it works

Measurement method is based on direct measurement of the inter-band distance using the contactless laser displacement sensor series RF603 . Electronic bracket contains a ball joint for mounting the bracket to the inner lateral surface of the wheel, two supports for rails, two side supports for basing the bracket to the crests of the wheels and a laser sensor. On the front panel of the bracket is a character-digital display and control buttons. On the top panel is the "Charge" connector for joining the charger.


Parameter Value
Measuring range, mm: L ±25, (L – by order )
Measuring error, mm: ± 0,1
Indication discreet, mm: 0,1 or 0,01
Display built-in, LCD
Process temperature, °С: -15 … +50
Mass, kg: 1
Dimensions, mm: (L+137) × 124 × 22

Supply kit

Name Number
Bracket for measuring interband distance: 1
Charging device: 1
Passport: 1
Case: 1
Calibration tools (optional): by order

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