ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Profilometer of brake disks

Рифтэк (Belarus)

Equipment for rolling stock (wagons, locomotives) Profilometer of brake disks

The profilometer uses a non-contact method for recording the profile with a laser sensor and a scanning device.

Main functions:

  • obtaining information about the parameters of the profile of the working surface of the brake discs of the railway wheel;
  • obtaining and analyzing the full profile of brake discs;
  • visualization on the display of combined graphic images of the actual and new profiles of the wheel brake discs;
  • wear database support
How it works

Operator installs the laser scanning module on the wheel. Upon a command from a PTC (personal tablet computer) or PC, laser modules similar to the laser sensors of the RF603 series perform non-contact scanning of the surface of disks. The measurement results (geometric parameters and surface profile) are displayed on the PTC display, can be stored in the PTC memory and transferred to the PC database. Additional parameters are saved at the same time: date of measurement, operator code, distance of track, track number, type of rail, etc.

Parameter Value
Wear of the brake disc, mm: ±5
Scanning range (carriage stroke), mm: 160
Error, not more,mm: ±0,01
Scanning time, s: 6
Dimensions of indication device (PTC), mm: 107,5 × 114 × 20
Dimensions of scaning module device, mm: 246 × 102 × 380
Power supply of the laser module: 4,8V (8 batteries type АА 1,2В)
Power supply PTC: Li-polimer battery 3,7 В 3300 mАh
Number of measurements without charging, not less than: 500
Memory capacity of the indication device: 100 000 measurements
Interface: Bluetooth

Supply kit

Marking Name Number Mass, kg
RF303 Digital indication device 1 0,4
RF506 Laser scanning module 1 1,8
RF506.40 Charging device 5V 3.0A for DID 1 0,2
RF506.41 Charging device 9V 3.0A for laser module 1 0,2
RF506.42 Universal cable (USB port + charger DID) 1
RF506.43 Bluetooth/USB - adapter 1
RF506.30 Case 1 1,5
IKD_DB Data management system (CD-диск) 1
RF506UM Manual 1

Additional information