ISO 9001:2008
Modern means of measuring equipment

System SKD-MSh

Рифтэк (Belarus)

System SKD-MSh
System SKD-MSh

SKD-MSh system is designed for non-contact measurement and control, as well as the regulation of the diameter of medical hoses during their production.
These systems are based on the optical micrometers of the RF65X series .

Parameter Value
Range of control, mm: 25
Distance between radiator and receiver, L, mm: 100
Deviation, mkm: ± 20
Number of simultaneously controlled sections: 2
Speed, measures/s: 1000
Controller type: PID
Output interface: RS485
Supply voltage, V: 220
Maximum power consumption, W: 1,5
Protection class: IP67
Process temperature, °C - 10 ... + 50

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