ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Digital pressure gauge type DG-10

WIKA (Germany)

Durable stainless steel case and the battery enables digital pressure gauge model DG-10 be flexibly configured to work in different applications and industries. For accurate and quick reading of pressure values, the digital meter is the perfect solution. Function histogram display integrated into the display, and display min / max peak values, enable effective analysis and measurement readings.

Digital pressure gauge type DG-10
Digital pressure gauge type DG-10

Description and specifications

Parameter Value
Measuring range from 0...2 to 0...600 bar, from -1...2 to -1...10 bar
Error, % 0,5 ± 1 f.s.
Power Battery (2 x 1,5 В AA cell)
Material of parts, which are in contact with measured medium stainless steel
Process connection G ¼ A, ;G ¼ B,G ½ B, ¼ NPT
Protection class IP 65
Temperature of measured medium, °С -30...+85
Data sheet РЕ 81.66

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