ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Digital pressure gauge type CPG1500

WIKA (Germany)
General Information

Model CPG1500 includes the concept of a digital manometer, the use of which can be divided into two main directions. Use as a high-precision tool for measuring pressure in technological processes in the industry and as a certified pressure standard using verification schemes.


CPG1500 is possible with an error of 0.1% of the range (version 0.05% of the range), with temperature compensation in the range -10 ... +50 ° C. It is possible to display the readings in 21 standard units or in a unit specified by the user, through the conversion factor.

Measurement frequency

The measurement frequency can be defined by the user for a specific task. The standard value is 3 measurements per second. If it is necessary to determine the high-speed changes in pressure, it is possible to select a frequency of up to 50 measurements per second. The power saving function allows the CPG1500 to be increased to 2,500 hours.


A new innovative navigation menu makes it easy to work with the CPG1500. A large display, clearly readable data allows for an efficient analysis of measurements. The maximum and minimum function allows you to store data about peak values.

Digital pressure gauge type CPG1500
Digital pressure gauge type CPG1500


Parameter Value
Range of measuring overpressure 10 kPa...100 MPa, absolute pressure 10 kPa....4 MPa, vacuum pressure -0,1...0 to -0,1...4 MPa;
Units bar, mbar, kg/cm², Pa, kPa, MPa, mmH2O, mH2O,
Accuracy, % 0,05
Power supply Battery (3 x 1,5 В AA)
Material of parts which are in contact with the measured medium stainless steel
Process fitting G ½ B, G ¼ B, ½ NPT, ¼ NPT
Protection class IP 67
Temperature of measured medium, °С -10...+50
Data sheet CT 10.51

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