ISO 9001:2008
Modern means of measuring equipment

Weighing Indicator D410

Bilanciai (Italy)

Products of company Bilanciai Weighing Indicator D410

Multi-functional weighing terminal of a new generation for goods input / output points with reports generation. Graphic backlit LCD display and the ability to change digit height and contrast, alphanumeric keypad, text menu. Tare function, zero setting, pre-set tare, comparator, tank weighing, printout on the external printer. Functions of calculation of the deviations from preset weight, auto summing, accumulation and printout of totals, subtotals, product codes input with alphanumeric description of 20 symbols. Assignment of alphanumeric codes to goods, memory of tare values. Calibration with linearization function and hysteresis settings, amendment to the geographical latitude, multi-range weighing.

Data transfer and control via interface COM1 - RS-232C and COM2 - RS-232C / RS-422 / RS-485, analog outputs 0 ... 10 V/0 (4) ... 20 mA, 2 galvanically isolated programmable dicrete inputs, 2 relay outputs (max. 110 V, 200 mA). Power supply AC 220 V. Dimensions: 214 (w) x 152 (d) x 110 (h) mm. Two slots for options: 4 input and 4 output relays, output BCD, secondary RS-232C / RS-422 / RS-485.

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