ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Pressure gauge type 422.12

WIKA (Germany)

For gaseous and liquid media, the performance with the open connecting flange for measuring viscous media and with the presence of solid impurities.

With liquid-filled enclosure used in locations with highly dynamic pulsed pressure or vibrations (Model 423.12)

Pressure gauge type 422.12
Pressure gauge type 422.12

Description and specifications:

Parameter Value
Nominal size, mm 100, 160
Measuring range (EN 837-3/5) 0…16 to 0…250 mbar, 0…400 mbar to 0…40 bar
Class (EN 837-3/6) 1,6
Joining External thread G1/2B, steel
Sensing element Lamellar spring, steel, chrome-nickel steel, nitrile rubber
Housing Grey cast iron, black
Execution EN 837-3
Possible options / features Other joinings, hydrofilling (type 4X3.12), parts which are in contact with the measured medium made of chrome-nickel steel (type 432.12), signal contacts (data sheet АЕ 08.01) and others.
Data sheet РМ 04.02

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