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Modern means of measuring equipment
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CERTUS Hercules

Platform electronic scales CERTUS Hercules
Platform electronic scales CERTUS Hercules

Electronic scales for application in the field of legally regulated metrology.

Certificate of Type No. UA.TR.113-0010 / 04-16 dated June 29, 2016, valid until June 28, 2026.

Accuracy class according to DSTU EN 45501- medium (III).


  • Platform: has a large margin of safety. The thickness of the sheet is 4 mm. Platform coating: powder coating (method of applying a polymer coating with high protective and decorative properties). The material of the platform is structural steel. The corrugated sheet prevents sliding of the load along the platform. Observance of flatness and straightness of the platform makes it possible to install the scales into the pit.
  • Weighing processor is equipped with a bright LED display with red symbols, the height of the which is 30 mm, the case is made of high-quality ABS plastic, IP 20 (protective plastic screen is included).
  • Operating temperature range: from minus 10 to plus 40 .
  • Power from the mains via adapter 12 V, 500 mA or battery 6V, 4 Ah (included).
  • COM port (RS 232 interface for connecting to PC and printer) is included.
Weighing processor CNK with protective plastic screen
Weighing processor CNK with protective plastic screen

Weighing modes:

  • simple weighing.
  • weighing with a sample of tare weight (determination of gross / net weight).
  • Summation.

Additional accessories:

  • ramp
  • armored cable
  • duplicate scoreboard
  • TKCODA software
  • software for connecting to 1C
Max, kg
Min, kg
Price division, g
Platform size, mm
Two-interval execution according to DSTU EN 45501: 2007. Commercial weighing

Documentation that comes with the scales:

  • Type Verification Certificate: No. UA.TR.113-0010 / 04-16 of June 29, 2016.
  • Certificate of conformity
  • Declaration of conformity
  • Operating manual in Ukrainian with an impression of the verification stamp on the passage of the primary verification

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